Government of Pakistan
Pakistan Post

ECO Postal Staff College, Islamabad

Phase-1 Basic Post Office Orientation 04 weeks
Phase-2 Attachment with a General Post Office 06 weeks
Phase-3 Attachment with a Superintendent of Post Office 02 weeks
Phase-4 Attachment with International Mail Office 02 weeks
Phase-5 Attachment with Assistant Director (Field), Postal Life Insurance 01 week
Phase-6 Independent Charge HRC 02 weeks
Phase-7 Independent Charge as Assistant superintendent, MST 02 weeks
Phase-8 Independent Charge as Assistant Superintendent of Post Office 03 weeks
Phase-9 Independent Charge as Senior Postmaster of HPO 06 weeks
Phase-10 6 STP Papers (Paper-A and Paper-B) (06 days) 01 week
  Postal Management Course 04 weeks
Phase-11 Country study tour (May be scheduled in any week during the Management Course) 01 week
  Total 34 weeks
Phase-12 04 STP Papers (Paper-A and Paper-B) 04 days