Executive Director's Message

Respected Officers:


Training prepares human capital of any organization for attaining its desired goals. World over in the militaries, it is believed to the core that ‘sweat during training saves blood during war’. This phrase amply demonstrates the vital role of training in achieving departmental objectives.


Regrettably, training is assigned less importance in the civil services, ignoring its inevitable negative repercussions on the functioning of departments. Pakistan Post is no exception.


Here, sometimes, little or no heed is paid by the concerned in sparing officers for various training courses at PSC. Resultantly, the scheduled courses are cancelled due to fewer participants. As a result thereof, valuable opportunity of training to the officers is lost, and public money spent on up keeping the training institute, is wasted.
To redress this detrimental state of affairs, attention of the senior management of the department and Heads of Circles is requested.


Best Regards


Hafiz Shakil Qureshi