Executive Director's Message

In developing countries like Pakistan, postal sector plays an enabling role in socioeconomic development through affordable, reliable and universal postal services. Modern day Postal services not only reduce the transactional costs but also create access for its citizens and entrepreneurs to vast communication and infrastructure network. However, in modern day digital ecology, the nature of postal services, both logistics and financial, is undergoing a rapid change. In this fast changing world, ability of postal sector to perform a wide range of functions entails a need for continuous improvement of the skill sets of the workforce and the managers. ECOPSC Islamabad has been playing a significant role in development of postal sector through a diverse range of training activities for postal officers not only in Pakistan but also internationally through international training courses. One of the major focusesof training programs is to prepare postal officers to lead Pakistan Post in digital business environment and to revamp the postal operations. The institute maintains an environment in which research and development of postal operations is a continuous activity and innovative proposals suggesting a way forward in existing operations are regularly shared with the top management. ECOPSC aims to become the leading public sector training institute in Pakistan and a regional center of excellence for training of postal managers.To achieve this, the institute has collaborated internationally with Universal Postal Union, Asia Pacific Postal Union, and other premier training institutes for constant improvement.

With a dynamic team of 64 dedicated members, the ECOPSC with its well-equipped state of the art training infrastructure is ready to welcome postal managers from Pakistan and around the world especially the ECO countries for future training activities. In the end let me assure you on my own behalf and on behalf of my team here at the ECOPSC that we will try our utmost to make your training courses here productive and memorable.

Wishing you all the very best.

 Executive Director