Modules of Study MCMC







The basic aim of this component of MCMC is to be solution oriented training. The modules should equip the officers with the knowledge and skills required for better service delivery. For this purpose, technical skills specific to the job/ position of middle managers should be reflected in the modules.


1st Week


Management Module


Role of BS-19 officers (Dy. PMG, Director, Controller stamps and Dy. Sec)


  1. Administrative, Financial, Operational Powers in light of Post Office Manual, Initials codes.
  2. Public Private Partnership: Issues & Challenges in public policy
  3. FATF Obligations and compliance mechanism
  4. Role of Regulators: SECP as a test case in PLI
  5. Mechanism of Adopting Agency Functions.
    Allocation of topics for Individual Research Papers on Postal Operations or Financial Services (Agency functions)
    2nd Week
    Project Management Module
  1. Project Management - Formulation & Appraisal
  2. Digitalization of Postal Services
  1. Software & hardware requirements
  2. Data base management & its security,
  3. Appraisal & Assessment
  4. Complaint Management System
  1. Mail Line Projects: short term & long term goals
  1. Project specific feasibility & designing of mail lines
  2. Transport & delivery management
  3. Business reporting & project review
  1. Business Plan:
  1. Evaluation of existing products/services and revenue generation (Practical example)
  2. Market Analysis and Product Redesigning
  3. Piloting of project.
    3rd Week  
  1. Dy. Postmaster General Islamabad (HRM, Budgeting and Finance, Mail Operations)
  2. Director IM DGPPO Islamabad (country wide mailing network, issues, policy decisions)
  3. Director Admin DGPPO Islamabad (procurement plans, DAC and PAC)
  4. Director IPS DGPPO Islamabad (UPU decisions, International Mail Network, Air Mail Carriers, Terminal Dues)
  5. Director FS DGPPO Islamabad *Savings, Pension and PLI etc)
  1. Attachment with all different BS-19 posts have been proposed to expose the officers to the actual working of these posts.
  2. The officers may be asked to identify one problem/issues they have observed during their attachment period and propose a complete solution for it.
  3. This might be re-engineering of processes for better service delivery or IT solution such as development of an app for effective postal operations. This exercise would help in monitoring and evaluating the attachment phase.
    4th Week  
    Marketing: types, tools, scope & impact, best practices
  1. Data Collection, Data Analysis & Market Assessment
  2. Implementation of Marketing Techniques with special reference to existing postal products

    Logistics :
  1. Paradigm Shift from letter mail to parcel under UPU recommendations
  2. Line Haul Management, short-haul & long-haul, material handling & transport management
  3. Technology driven logistics & supply chain management
  1. From 1st mile to last Mile Delivery
  2.  Four key models: B2B, B2C, C2C & C2B
    Public Procurement  
  1.  PPRA rules 2004
  2. Annual Procurement Plan
  3. Designing of Advertisements
  4. Tender Process
  5. Bid Evaluation
  6. Formulation of Agreements, Contracts
  7. Dispute Resolution
    Presentation of Individual Research Papers
    Evaluation & Closing