Nadia Amin , Director (Training)



Currently I am serving as Director (Training) in Postal Staff College, Islamabad in BPS 19. I belong to Lahore. My basic academic qualification is Masters (English Literature). I qualified CSS and joined Postal group in 2003 and since then I have been in service, serving against different posts in various capacities (both administrative /office and operational/ field).



2004 – 2006 Chief Postmaster (BPS 17), Lahore Cantt GPO, Lahore

My first posting was Chief Postmaster at Lahore Cantt General Post Office. It was an administrative as well as operational position /responsibility.  Afterwards I also headed Post mall, which was a modern/computerized Post Office in Lahore.


2006 – 2008    Assistant Postmaster General, o/o Postmaster General, Lahore

It was my first assignment in the regional office of Postmaster General in Lahore where all the staff and operational issues of the region had to be looked into and processed.


2008-2010 Assistant Director (Admn), Postal Life Insurance, Karachi

In 2008 I went to Karachi on wed_ lock basis and got posted in Postal Life Insurance (  o/o General Manager PLI, KHI).


2011-2014 Assistant General Manager (BPS 18), PLI Karachi

I was promoted into BPS 18 and continued at Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Karachi as Assistant General Manager. I was an overall administrative, operational and financial in charge, third in managerial tier, after General Manger (BPS20) and Director (BPS 19) there.


2015-2017 Principal Postal Training Centre, Karachi

I also had a different experience in trainings for officials from BPS 1 till 14.  I had to ensure that due annual trainings were imparted regularly to the relevant officials.


2017-2019 Principal Postal Training Centre, Islamabad

In 2017 I was transferred to Islamabad and posted as Principal in Postal Training Centre, Islamabad.


2019- till date  Director (Training),  Postal Staff College , Islamabad

I was promoted into BPS 19 in 2019 and posted as Director (Training) at Postal Staff College where I have to oversee administrative as well as the training courses for postal officers from BPS 16 and above.



I have attended various local and international courses:

  1. Supply Chain Excellence                                                    Rutgers University
  2. Supply Chain Logistics                                                        Rutgers University
  3. Supply Chain Principles                                                      Georgia Institute Of Technology
  4. Marketting Managent 1                                                       University Of Illinois
  5. Marketting Management 2                                                  University Of Illinois
  6. Marketting In A Digital World                                               University Of Illinois
  7. Operations Management Course                                        Asian- Pacific Postal College (APPC), Thailand
  8. E-Commerce Operations                                                     APPC , Thailand
  9. Preparing To Manage Human Resour                                 University Of Minnesota
  10. Project Monitoring & Evaluation System                              Pakistan Planning &Management Institute                                                         
  11. Project Managers Guide For Government Projects             PPMI
  12. Basics of Financial Accounting                                            Virtual UniversiTy Of Pakistan
  13. Basics of Economics (Macro & Micro)                                 VU
  14. Personality Development & Interpersonal Skills                  Institute Of Clinical Psychology (Khi)

Nadia Amin

Director (Training)