S# Subject Title of Books Mode of Examination
1 Legislative Enactments Paper-A
i.          Pakistan Post Office Act, 1898 With Books
     ii.          Pakistan Post Office Rules, 1961
    iii.          The Government Savings Bank Act, 1873
iv.          The Post Office Cash Certificates Act, 1917 and Savings Certificate Ordinance, 1944
      i.          Federal Employees Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance Act, 1969. With Books
     ii.          Federal Employees Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance Rules, 1972
 iii.          Post Office Insurance Fund Rules 2001
iv.          Postal Life Insurance Manual 
v.          Post Office Annuities Rules.

Establishment (Service Laws & Rules)


      i.          Civil Servants Act, 1973. With Books
     ii.          Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion, Transfer) Rules, 1973.
    iii.          Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules, 1993
iv.          Revised Leave Rules, 1980
     v.          Post Office Volume-IV (Revision of Establishment and Recruitment Rules).
vi.          Post Office Volume-III ( Schedule of Administrative Powers of Different Postal Authorities)
  vii.          Secretariat Instructions
 viii.          Rules of Business, 1973
      i.          Government Servants  Conduct Rules, 1964 With Books
     ii.          Government Servants E&D Rules, 1973
    iii.          Civil Servants Appeal Rules, 1977
iv.          Services Tribunal Act, 1973
v.           Industrial relation Act (IRA), 2012
























Postal Operations











      i.          Post Office Manuals V, VI, VII, VIII, & IX With Books
     ii.          Branch Office Rules
    iii.          Post Office Manual Volume-II
iv.          Letter Post Manual
       v.          Parcel Post Manual
vi.          EMS Operational Guide
      i.          Human Resource Management











Without Books

     ii.          Human Resource Development

Understanding Gender for workplace

·         Introduction to Gender Studies

·         Autonomy vs Integration debate in Gender Studies

·         Problematizing the category of “Sex”: Qeer Theory

·         Is Sex socially determined, too?

·         Feministic Theories and Practice

·         Gender and Development

·         Gender and Governance

·         Status of women in Pakistan

·         Gender based violence

·         How to avoid gender discrimination and harassment at work place?


Human Rights

·         What are human rights?

·         The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

·         The UN Framework; Protect, Respect, Remedy

·         Seven Step Model for Managing Human Rights Impact

Human Rights under Constitution of Pakistan 1973.


What are Professional Ethics?

·         The required skill set

·         Dos and Don’ts of a professional

·         Setting up own professional ethics guidelines

4 Postal Accounts Paper-A
      i.          Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Initial Account Code Volume-I With Books
     ii.          Post and Telegraph Account Code.

Posts and Telegraph Audit Code Vol-II

Technical Audit Code (Postal)

 iv.          Civil Service Regulations (Pension Rules)
      i.          A Handbook for Drawing & Disbursing Officers. With Books
     ii.          Fundamental and Supplementary Rules
    iii.          General Provident Fund Rules
 iv.          Public Procurement Rules-2004
5 Civil & Criminal Laws Paper-A 
      i.          Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 With Books
     ii.          The Code of Civil Procedure (CPC)-1908
    iii.          Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order-1984
   iv.          Wafaqi Mohtasib ( Ombudsman) order 1983
      i.          Pakistan Penal Code (PPC)-1860 With Books
     ii.          The Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) -1898
    iii.          Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Act-1974
   iv.          National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance, 1999
     v.          The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the workplace Act – 2010